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automatic tourniquet system
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  • ATS-I series automatic tourniquet system£¨two operations£©
  • ATS-¢ñ series automatic tourniquet system adopt core components such as Germany THOMAS&ASF original air pump and US made pressure sensor and apply single-chip computer control technology, which make this product become the leader of domestic tourniquet systems.

    Electrical safety protection level: Model BF, Class ¢ñ.

    ¡ïSafe function: The working pressure surpasses 80KPa, reveals shows the screen to glitter reports to the police, which monitored by the host software, so that the safety of both doctors and patients are fully guaranteed.

    ¡ïFast inflation: To avoid blood filling in the artery before it blocks.

    Take 3KPa as the gradient pulsation type release mechanism, instantaneous deflates, prevents patients¡¯ heart and brain lack of blood.

    ¡ïAssorted cuffs for various patients, the interior material of cuffs are made by high-strength materials TPU, which can increase life of cuffs.




    Technical Parameter:

    Pressure hypothesis scope:0-100KPa            

    Pressure stable precision: ¡À5KPa

    Time hypothesis scope:0-120 minutes   

    Initial flushes is mad the time:¡Ü60 seconds

    Noise level: ¡Ü60DdB(A)              

    Input Power: 200VA

    Recommended settings: upper limb pressure: 40KPa, Lower limb pressure: 80KPa

    Report to the police: surgery surplus time 10minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minutes sharing report to the police, reminds the operator sufficient.

    ATS-¢ñ dual channel tourniquet system allows two operations simultaneously.

    Cuff size(length¡Áwidth)


    1200mm¡Á110mm£¨extra large¢ñ£©£»1200mm¡Á90mm£¨extra large¢ò£©

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